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BT Business - Phone Lines & Hosting -

BT offers a range of business products and services from broadband connections to phones and office equipment, mobile communications, networking solutions, support services for business continuity and disaster recovery, and IT services specifically for small and medium sized business. -

We offer high quality audio conferencing and group conference call services designed to accommodate the highest requirements. Several packages available.

Plusnet Broadband -

Award winning broadband from PlusNet.

Synchronized Clock -

Inova Solutions clock systems utilize POE(power over Ethernet) technology for accurate timekeeping. Network clocks are also more energy efficient because the need for individual batteries is eliminated.

Telephone Answering Services -

Professional answering services and call center customer services backed up by decades of experience. Specializing in inbound and outbound live answering services.

Ulticom -

Offers signaling software and solutions for internet and wireless communications. Includes events, FAQ, career opportunities, investor info and annual reports, tutorials, webinars and white papers.